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The dishes of our family-run hotel in Cervia

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What fun it is to sit at the table and taste a different specialty everyday!
Fine cuisine is one of the reasons why people flock to Romagna for holidays, and we take good things seriously. In our kitchen we prepare everything by hand and with love: bread is home-made, pasta is rolled manually with the pin and the family recipes are the day’s top menu choice, such as our mixed fry and our famous fish soup à la Trieste. This is why a family-run hotel in Cervia and Romagna is a guarantee of good food.

Our breakfast

The protagonist of our breakfast is fresh bread, along with the cakes and sweets baked in our oven. Our specialty is Italian breakfast, with tea and fruit juices, croissants, cakes and biscuits, honey, Nutella and jams, but we also offer yogurt and cereals, as well as fresh charcuterie to fill our fresh sandwiches, for a salty breakfast.

Our restaurant

Every day three entrées and three main courses on choice, typical and fish specialties and buffet of side dishes and hors d’oeuvres. The younger kids can enjoy simple and nourishing dishes such as small pasta and vegetable purées, and the dining room is fitted with high chairs. Water is always included.

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