Hotel Trieste, Hotel with parking in Cervia

During the summer, find a parking space in crowded seaside places of Romagna can be a real headache … that’s why is favorable to choose a hotel with parking in Cervia as the Hotel Trieste! Our hotel with parking in Cervia has a reserved parking space for guests and open until exhaustion; a convenience for those who arrive for a holiday of sun and sea to live without the worry of traffic, a plus for those who like to get around but at the end of the day want to be sure to find a safe and repaired  place for their cars. In our hotel with parking in Cervia we provide to the guests rooms equipped with air conditioning and Wi-Fi, but above all the smiling and warm hospitality so typical of Romagna. Hotel Trieste, hotel with parking in Cervia, is a family business and as usual the owners deal directly with their guests. In fact, in the restaurant of our hotel with parking in Cervia the same owners ensure the quality of the food and prepare typical dishes that represent the pride of local cuisine: from the great fried seafood to fresh handmade pasta. Choosing our hotel with parking in Cervia is also choosing a break of relaxation and good humor, no thoughts other than to enjoy the summer days and the beauty of the area. Romagna is a land of many faces, and besides the beaches and towns of the coast offers so much; not far from our hotel with parking in Cervia are the charming inland villages, among vineyards and hills. For example, from our hotel with parking in Cervia it is easy to reach Ravenna, Cesena, Mirabilandia, and much more.

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